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About ELU

Elite Learning University

Elite Learning University is an extension of Admerex' Learning and Development program. The goal of the page is to provide leaders extra knowledge that they need in order perform well at their workplace.


To provide alternative learning system to Admerex employees


To deliver wider access of online learning with the use of various applications and softwares


To inform employees about L&D information, announcements, updates, etc.


Learning and Development

Learning and Development Team is currently offering courses beneficial for the development of each leaders. These courses will be transitioned here at Admerex University to give access to those who are willing to undergo self-paced learning.


Who can enroll?

Admerex University is exclusive only for Admerex Solutions Inc. employees.

It specifically caters leaders from the operations who are seeking additional knowledge

and skills to be used in the floor.


Project UpBEAT

Set of soft and technical skills design to equip our leaders enough and necessary knowledge needed in the operation.

Leadership 101

Series of modules consisting of personal skills responsible in leading a team.

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